Turning a Saver into a Spender

June 19, 2017

Occasionally here at PathWise, we’ll have a client make a comment along the lines of “Because we like to spend money, we’re more difficult clients for you guys, aren’t we?” What we find is that this misses the complexity of the cycle of an individual’s or couple’s or family’s financial life. You see, personal traits such as…

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A Tale to Tell

May 9, 2017

What sort of tale should we provide to our valued clients? That’s been the question these past few months. There is, of course, the doctor in Hercules doctor who was sentenced last month to around 3 years in prison for lying on his taxes, which could lead to a discussion around “tax planning” and why you want…

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The Dow is Hitting Record Highs and Just Missed Touching 20,000!

December 22, 2016

Does the headline for this blog excite you or terrify you? Most likely it’s a mixture of both, but there is always that pit in your stomach that soon we might have a repeat of 2008 when the markets went down about 40%, which would bring the Dow back down to 12,000. So the question is,…

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Well That Was A Surprise…

November 9, 2016

After a long and brutal U.S. Presidential election campaign, Donald Trump has emerged victorious, with Hillary Clinton conceding in the early hours of the morning, and Trump congratulating her on a hard-fought campaign. Importantly, the swing to the Republicans also saw the party retain control of the U.S. Senate. In a much easier-to-predict result, the…

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Making Your Portfolio Great Again

October 31, 2016

Ahhhh…politics….to say that my Facebook feed has blown up with Trump this and Hillary that is an understatement. Certainly, the election is a historical one by many standards and Mr. Trump appears to have won the reality TV role of a lifetime. But of course, we are not political commentators here at Pathwise. Our concern…

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Another Email from HR…

October 3, 2016

However, this time, it might pay to carefully go through this email. Many of you are likely approaching the year-end benefits enrollment and selection period. Most people made all of their selections when they were hired, and then they just ignore these annual emails and let their original choices become the default going forward. If…

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What Happened While I Was Sleeping?!

June 24, 2016

When I lived in London in a flat (Pembridge Gardens was the street, Notting Hill the neighborhood), I had a roommate named Stuart Bennett. He was a doctor who got his MBA and we worked together at Merrill Lynch. He worked on the research side and I was on a big trading desk. He was…

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Suggested Approach to Student Loans

May 24, 2016

We’re constantly asked about student loan management, either for specific advice or a good reference. While we do provide specific advice to our clients a lot of people just need a basic overview of the key principles. The basic approach is this: Most importantly, minimize how much debt you take out. Use other resources, get…

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There’s A Fly In My Urinal

April 18, 2016

So now that the first quarter is behind us and taxes are just about wrapped up I figured it would be a good time to reflect on the start to 2016. Overall markets have been flat. A well-diversified portfolio in 2016 has returned about 0% (with sectors such as technology, healthcare, and financials doing a…

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Just Another Day in the Stock Market

February 11, 2016

So Trump seems to be leading the Republican primaries, Bernie Sanders has a very real chance to be the Democratic nominee, and if you’re in California you have spent the past week of winter walking around in a t-shirt. I’m pretty sure if I looked out my window and saw a pig fly by it…

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