PathWise Charitable Giving

We annually donate 5% of the firm’s net profits to charitable organizations that we believe in.

Five PercentAs a firm that believes that philanthropy and generosity are cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling relationship to money, the partners of PathWise have made the following commitments:

  • Annually donate 5% of the firm’s net profits.
  • To support causes that our employees care about by matching all charitable donations through our payroll service.
  • Perform one personal act of generosity using our time every month through either volunteering or fundraising events.
Our intent is that our charitable giving will accomplish the following:
  • Improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.
  • Helping to bridge staggering health resource gaps in the developing world by empowering doctors and nurses with the tools they need to treat disease, deliver vaccines, perform life-changing surgeries and ensure safe childbirth.
  • Advance international education and access to education worldwide by providing scholarships, training, exchange and leadership programs.

Selected Non-Profit Organizations for 2015

Direct Relief - Deliver a world of good

Project C.U.R.E.

Institute of International Education