Investment Management

When it comes to investments many investors use a combination of tactics to get the best performance they can from their portfolios, including asset allocation, diversification and other risk management techniques. But the difference between PathWise and individuals who are trying to navigate this alone, is the complexity and the scale on which we can do this for you.

When you invest with PathWise, you’re getting a professional portfolio that has fully integrated these tactics, delivering you an investment vehicle that’s already been optimized. We integrate a number of sophisticated strategies that few people can implement on their own as part of our portfolio optimization. These strategies have stood the test of time and have been rigorously tested by scientists and engineers. This approach adds value and reduces risk, simplifying your financial life and freeing you to enjoy the true wealth of life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Vanguard recently quantified the value of an advisor noting their belief than an advisor has the potential to add “about 3%” in overall net returns. Morningstar determined that using more sophisticated retirement income techniques than what the average investor uses can result in 22% more annual income in retirement, equivalent to getting 1.59%/year more in returns.

Many more examples exist, but you get the point. Modern strategies can provide you better information to make the biggest investment decisions you face, and we specialize in providing those strategies.

So why else would you hire PathWise to manage your investments? Here are our top five reasons:

  • You prefer to focus on your life’s passions instead of researching investments and spending time trading and re-balancing your investments.
  • You have concerns and fears about losing money in the market, and you need someone to help keep you disciplined when everything seems scary or euphoric, and everyone around you is running in one direction.
  • You want access to institutional and private real estate investments that are not available to all investors.
  • You sometimes avoid dealing with your money because you don’t enjoy the process or it scares you.
  • You want a third party to give you the comfort that you’re not making any mistakes or missing out on an opportunity.

Your financial wealth is the result of great personal investment on your part. Investment of your time, your talents, your values, and your commitment to your goals. You’ve worked hard for it. But the true return on that personal investment is more than just your financial wealth. It is what your wealth represents to you and your family. So, to fully realize all that your wealth can do to help you live a great life, you must continue investing.


Let’s talk about the difference PathWise can make in your portfolio, and in your life.