Medical Professionals


As a medical professional, your time is one of your most valuable assets. Every day, you must balance your obligations to your patients and your practice with your commitments to your family, friends and personal interests.

Take a minute to think about the time you spend with a typical patient. Now ask yourself in the last six months have you spent the equivalent amount of time on your own financial health. If you are like most Americans the answer is no. You clearly know the importance of an annual checkup, shouldn’t your finances carry the same significance? The reality is that doctors and dentists often don’t have the time or energy to develop, implement and monitor their own comprehensive financial plan.

After being in practice for more than 10 years, we noticed that more and more of our clients were part of the medical field and that they had specific concerns and unique financial situations that not all of our clients had. So in 2014 we went back to square one and after looking at some of the best financial advisory firms nationwide, taking their best practices and interviewing dozens of doctors, carefully constructed our PathWiseMD service from the ground up.

The vision is simple – Deliver exceptional advice, planning and service to medical professionals providing them with the resources to live a rich and meaningful life.

Our service will help you leverage your time by making sure your wealth is aligned with your goals. We are a team of specialists for specialists. Our in-house professionals include financial planners, investment professionals, tax experts and risk management consultants.

We will:

  • Create a plan for income replacement in retirement (including advising on capital draws, retirement plan payouts and more).
  • Use legitimate and legal methods in order to pay as little in taxes as possible through the most accurate and up to date tax planning strategies
  • Assist with the day-to-day financial details that you may not have the bandwidth to manage so you can reduce your stress and increase your productivity.
  • Analyze your current plan to see if it’s working for you. If it is, we’ll say so. If it’s not, we’ll recommend the changes we think will benefit you.
  • Proactively monitor your financial life so that we can help you address potential problems before they have a chance to jeopardize your financial security.
  • Offer tools, like our online personal financial dashboard, so you can see your complete financial picture at a glance.

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it managing details that can be outsourced. When you work with PathWise, we will provide freedom from worry about financial matters, which allows you to move toward a more balanced life and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Let’s talk about how PathWise can maximize your time, and care for your financial health.