Dana Harcos

Client Relationship Manager

Why I Am in this Profession

Throughout my life, I have appreciated the personal fulfillment that comes with helping people. I went to school to become an elementary school teacher and while in college I taught ballroom dancing. I found that teaching is an excellent way to make an impact on other people’s lives and I really enjoyed it. When I graduated, the economy was booming and I took what I thought would be a short-term position in the human resources department of a technology firm. As it turned out, the corporate world offered exciting opportunities to help people as well and I started my career focusing mainly on human resources and event planning. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people in industries ranging from internet security to law and accounting. What I have learned is that the relationships I have built throughout my professional career have not only made a positive impact on my clients and employees lives but also with my own life. Working here at PathWise allows me to really get to know our clients and their families and focus on ways to help them make their lives easier which is a very rewarding experience.

What I Am Most Proud of

I am most proud of my creativity. I am able to come up with unique ideas and solutions to challenges.

One Thing I Am Doing to Help the Planet

We support several animal rescue organizations and recently adopted my first dog from the Contra Costa County animal shelter.

Outside of Work my Passions Include

Hiking, skiing and traveling.